What Your High Tech Business Plan Should Say About Intellectual Property

If you seek investors who regularly invest in high technology startups, you will need to have a well-written section on intellectual property.

You should start with a statement like: The company has intellectual property protection for all products and/or services it offers for sale in every country in which such products and/or services are offered for sale and/or manufactured.   You should give specific information on all U.S. issued patent numbers and all published applications publication numbers that directly claim what you intend to sell into the streams of commerce. These can be easily looked up at the Patent Office web site which will add credibility to your business plan. Such details will be more likely to interest investors in your technology based startup.

If you have any unpublished applications then state the number of such applications but provide no other data that is not already published at the Unite States Patent and Trademark Office web site at http://www.USPTO.gov . To show that you have a real IP strategy you should add to this a listing of trademark registrations, trademark applications, copyrights, and international patent applications if your business plan includes a worldwide market as opposed to a U.S. market only.

Bruce Winchell