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Entrepreneurial success is not a linear progression.   The path toward success is often only discerned in retrospect, looking backward.  The complex inter-relatedness of success factors is neither obvious nor are they static.  So entrepreneurs, and those seeking to help them, must constantly update their systems, skills and knowledge.

Our blog at Technology Ventures Corporation is devoted to helping grow the knowledge base for the entrepreneurial community.  We have chosen to divide the concepts we discuss into four categories (IDEAS, CAPITAL, COMMUNITY and TALENT) but invite you to explore them all as each is closely tied to the other.  We also invite your supportive comments and useful thoughts on these posts as your knowledge adds great value.

IDEAS are the source for entrepreneurial innovation.  These can come from traditional sources like universities or laboratories or from the repurposing of technologies and methods from other industries or disciplines.  Within our IDEAS section we will examine unique ways in which entrepreneurs have come up with their breakthrough innovations and sources for you to do the same.

CAPITAL is the fungible assets that allow a company to operate and meet its financial obligations.  Along its growth trajectory a startup may use barter, organic growth, self-funding, crowd-funding, angel investment, venture capital, debt, stock issuance and arbitrage to reach their goals.   CAPITAL will examine the tried-and-true and the new-and-improved methods of financing your startup.

COMMUNITY encompasses the environment in which startups operate.  Local, state, federal and international communities can all contribute to the success or failure of the entrepreneurs they serve.  Therefore we will highlight what those in a COMMUNITY can do to attract, expand and better serve their entrepreneurs.

TALENT refers to the people that move a business forward.  This may be the most elusive commodity in the entrepreneurial equation so we will continuously explore concepts and methods that have been successful in attracting, training, recruiting and retaining the TALENT needed to start an entrepreneurial company.

We appreciate your kind attention and invite you to visit us often as we explore entrepreneurial success.


John Freisinger