Look in the Mirror

By now you’ve probably caught on to what we believe to be the four cornerstones of entrepreneurial (and frankly, any commercial) success: ideas, talent, capital and community.  These four elements are critical for success, and probably have equal importance. What I find interesting is that they build on each other.

Nothing starts until an idea is called out, what Dr. Fernando Flores has described as “languaged into existence.”  An idea, as powerful as it might be, goes nowhere until someone does something with it. That someone can be an individual or a team, but there has to be talent engaged.  And ultimately the idea and the team bringing it to life will need capital, some kind of investment to make it real.  But there is one element—community—that provides the background these ventures will have to live.  Having a great idea come to life in the hands of a great team with enough capital to fuel the growth may survive in an environment that doesn’t support entrepreneurs, but it definitely won’t thrive.  We need ideas that thrive.

Fortunately, in New Mexico, we have an organization that seeks to help build the background—the community—required for entrepreneurs and their ideas to thrive.  Leadership New Mexico is dedicated to identifying current and emerging leaders to inspire them to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Las Cruces, N.M. as part of the Leadership New Mexico Core Class of 2014.  The topic was Economic Development and included visits to the Santa Theresa Borderplex, New Mexico State and White Sands Missile Range.  While the entire weekend was enriching and energizing, the highlight for me personally was meeting the Commanding General of the Range.  Major General Gwen Bingham is an inspiring leader. Something that she shared has stuck to me: “Every day you need to look in a mirror and ask yourself two questions—do you like what you see? And is that the person you want to be?” The first question makes you think and the second urges you to act.

Have you looked in a mirror lately?

Bob McCarty