When a Patent Lawyer Examines the Year.

Happy New Year.

Now that we are in the new year, I have compiled a list of who received patents in 2013 (for some big names in industry).   The list of names that I searched was not exhaustive but mostly commonly known companies that I thought would be interesting to TVC clients.

Take a look at Samsung and Apple to see how the great patent litigation competition is shaping up.  It is clear that foreign companies are obtaining more patents than U.S. companies in several industries. This may be a sign that foreign companies, which are used to a first to file system, are building some big portfolios.  I hope that you will find this interesting and maybe cause you to concentrate more on helping your business with appropriate patent applications that claim products and/or services that you will be selling in the future.


Automotive Companies by Assignee Name

Toyota 1731
Ford 890
Hyundai Motor Company 461
Kia Motors Corporation 195
Audi 90
General Motors 83

Chemical Companies by Assignee Name

BASF 704
Du Pont 497
Dow 471
Monsanto Technology 430
Solvay 66
W. R. Grace 9

Defense & Aerospace Companies by Assignee Name

Boeing 791
Raytheon 446
Lockheed Martin 333
BAE 149
General Dynamics 20
Science Applications International 12

Electronics Companies by Assignee Name

Samsung 7311
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) 6762
Apple 1953
Intel Corporation 1461
Cisco 917

Pharma Companies by Assignee Name

Merck 410
Roche 393
Novartis 326
Sanofi 213
GlaxoSmithKline 76
Pfizer 47
Eli Lilly 40