The Road to DSS 2014

It started with the highly successful Innovation Summit in April.

Well, actually, it started in 1993…but that’s for a different post.

Back in April, more than 280 entrepreneurs, scientists, partner labs and investors were there to learn about the options and VMsummerdiffopportunities available toward successful entrepreneurship.

And now we’ve moved on to the process of selecting our presenters for the Deal Stream Summit (DSS) to be held in October during the very popular Balloon Fiesta.

But before we have presenters, we need business plans. (July 1 deadline, BTW)

The 2014 Call for High-Tech Startups is now in full swing, with the latest informational luncheon held in Los Alamos (last Thursday 6/5) for the convenience of our northern New Mexico partners.

Around 30 attendees heard from several of my colleagues as they learned why and how TVC helps entrepreneurs. (#wehelpentrepreneursthrive) They also heard how TVC supports the community, promotes economic development and then were guided through the Deal Stream Summit’s objectives (getting money and ideas together).

All this lead to the nitty gritty: requirements for applications to participate in the DSS, and an overview of the selection process as well as steps leading up to the event. This included cautions, problems, ups, downs, successes, learning opportunities and feedback. (Lions, tigers and bears–Oh my!)

Two former presenters, Lisa Abeyta (APPcitylife) and Bob Hockaday (serial entrepreneur) each gave their individual perspectives as past participants. This included sharing their growth and successes as they marched through the process: the selection process experience; the way the advisor process helped them realize what it was they wanted; and, how it all prepares you for afterword–how to interact with VCs.

This process sets you up so that you are polished once you are on the stage. And while there are no guarantees (read: $), it all prepares you for what comes next.

What’s next for you?


Valerie McKinney