Lab2Venture: It’s not just a Twitter handle; it’s what we do.

You may have seen some posts on Facebook and Twitter recently where it’s clear we are making some changes around the shop. We’ve rearranged, repurposed, and donated furniture. We’ve had walls painted (we also put a hole in one–on purpose). We even upgraded our coffee/tea station.

2015-02-04 10.34.22


Whenever my kids would see me and my husband cleaning or otherwise improving our home they speculated the only reason for such effort would be for guests. (“So, who’s coming over?”) While that was typically the reason about half the time, it’s not always the only reason for improvement. Sometimes you are just ready for a change. Or, sometimes you feel you need a different energy around you. That’s what we’ve been doing.

Now we’d like to show it off a bit.





Our continued “home makeover” is now in preparation for our first Lab2Venture Open House. May 7th, here at the TVC offices, we will highlight some of the great work going on at our national labs and research centers. There will be information on investment and business models; how to identify and vet issued patents; and understanding the management team and its evolution. It will be equal parts TVC awareness and TVC partner awareness.

More to come on this event, but for now know that we are continuing to get our “house” ready.  There will be more blog posts as updates on the latest preparations.VMsummerdiff

Also, look for a weekly blog series from Steve Cook, one of TVC’s project managers: How to Write a Business Plan. This will help you prepare for our 2015 Call for Plans. And that then leads into our 2015 Deal Stream Summit.

Lots going on!


Valerie McKinney