I Was in That Room! How Awesome Is That?

Last Wednesday I went to Lab 2 Venture and in the entrepreneur room I saw pieces of myself that others have seen on me but I have never seen that in the mirror. I saw passion and I saw wonderment and I saw engagement. No wonder people look at me a little funny sometimes. I am pretty far out there and I never saw it before like I saw it last night! And here I thought I was kind of normal but after what I saw last night I realize I am far degrees from normal.

So I met Tony from Altree and his passion is so big it encompasses the whole planet. Wow, that is what passion looks like. Awesome! I have been on the inside of that but last nighTVC L2V 2016 023t there was a piece of myself reflecting back. Cool!

Then I engaged with the good folks from Mora Woodworking and I saw wonderment! “So when you dip the wood in a bath you can see it wicking up and then it gets to the top and it fizzes. How cool is that?” That is pretty cool I have to agree! So as an inventor I was there like I can’t believe I made this. This is so cool! It is an awesome high that keeps you floating for a long while!

Then I was talking with Robert Hockaday. Steve and Todd [both TVC staff members] had told me to ask him about his shark fin invention and so I did. “Oh yeah that, I didn’t bring any information with me about that but I can get you some information. But look at this bug bling.” He had already done the other invention and now he was totally engaged with the current invention. I got that! My mind is building my second invention as we speak. Who knows how many inventions his mind is ahead on?

So last night was so unique and I would trade that experience for no amount of money. I was born to be in that room. They are like me. No offense guys far degrees from normal! Isn’t that so awesome?

Pam Gathings