5 Dating Rules For Your First Year Of College

In high school, you can get to know a lot about a person you’re into without even having to talk to them. Word travels fast in high school.

In college, you’ve basically got to suck it up and approach them without any insider trading of knowledge. High school may be the guided safari, but college is like being out in the wild on your own and you have no idea what to do.

Basically, it’s survival of the fittest when it comes to dating in college. You incoming freshmen don’t know what it’s like out there, so here are five rules you need to know for your first year in college.

1: Don’t expect it to last. In college, chances are you’ll date a few people or just have casual sex with multiple partners. 

The chances of you dating only one person (if you can get a date at all) over the next four years are pretty slim. Once you get to campus, you’ll see why: everyone is super hot.

There’s good looking people everywhere, and you’ll want to get with many of them. You’ll be at a party and every girl you’ll see there will be really fine.

It’s just how it is.

Dating in college isn’t meant for the long term – many relationships barely last a semester, and with so many good looking people running around, it makes sense. We have this, but see that and want a piece of that, too.

What I’m getting at is that if you date someone your first year in college, no matter how great it may seem, don’t be shocked if you break up three months down the road. College students have a lot to focus on, and sometimes relationships make life too complicated.

Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of fish in your pond.

2: Keep the PDA’s to a minimum, please. Great, you’re a freshman in college and are dating someone. 

You liked to show it off in high school, but no one gives a rat’s ass here. Don’t clog up the hallways because you want to give your significant other a smooch before your Intro to Drawing Lifeless Fruit lecture.

Upperclassmen who are single don’t want to see that, either. They’re single, lonely, and have way too many exams this week; give them a break and just say goodbye to your girlfriend/boyfriend already.

3: Competition is fierce out here, cuz. You walk in to your first class and see some beautiful girl and decide that you’ll try to date her before the semester ends. 

Good luck, bruh. You’ll be like Guy #8 for her; she’s got guys hitting her up to “chill” all the time.

If you want to impress her, you’ll need to up your game in some way that’ll help you stand out among all the other thirsty fuck boys.

You surely won’t be her first rodeo either, so don’t pull some crap that worked back in high school. You just went from the D League to the NBA, and you’ll need to ball out if you want any chance of dating her.

Whether you just play the bad boy card or get on her good side over the next few weeks, you’ll have some competition for almost every date you try to get. With so many new, single people running around, you won’t be the only guy she has her eye on either.

Change your look, or simply get a nice cologne and you’ll improve your visibility and thus your chances of catching her eye and getting a date.

4: Your date ideas will need to be on point, like #relationshipgoals type stuff. Most college students have been on a few dates, and not many of them were that memorable. 

If you set up a date with someone, make this date the best date they’ll ever go on, even if you’re not that into them. It’ll work in your favor in the future, trust me.

Let’s say you go on a date with some girl, and you have a great time. She’s going to tell all of her girlfriends about it; every detail, every moment.

Now, let’s say the relationship never took off. No damage done to either party, and it’s a mutual ending.

Dude, all of the girls she told about that date will all now be interested in dating you. To them, you’re this romantic, smart, (funny?) guy who is a great date and definitely worth a shot.

If you can think of great date ideas, you’ll never be single for very long (that is, if you can even become single since you’re such a boss). Word will spread around fairly quickly, so things are looking up for you, my friend.

5: If you break up with someone, do it at the end of the semester, not in week 7. 

If you date someone who you have a class with, don’t break up with them in the middle of the semester; it won’t be good for either one of you. It’ll also make school harder, since you’ll be tangled up emotionally and crammed with tons of projects and exams.

Stress from school and your social life make a nasty combination, so avoid mid-term breakups at all costs.

If you break up with them at the end of the semester or before summer, you give them a reprieve from you and school which will help them get past the emotional distress they’re going through.

As a freshman, you’ll start to pick up on how things are done on campus, and you’ll realize how sweet college can be. The dating scene on campus is unlike what you’ve seen before, but if you follow these rules you’ll do okay, kid.

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