The presenting companies for the 2015 Deal Stream Summit

ALELogolowresAmerican Lithium Energy
American Lithium Energy (ALE) is a manufacturer of ultra-safe High Energy and High Power Lithium Ion batteries. An extremely safe battery that minimizes the risk of overcharging and internal shorting, it also has higher power density, can run more cycles, and is flexible, making it ideal for small form factor requirements. Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSAmericanLithiumEnergy



BayoTech logo2lowres BayoTech
BayoTech™ will manufacture a new type of chemical reactor. This reactor will improve efficiency, reducing production cost and environmental impact for fertilizer production. The reactor can be manufactured and installed at significantly less capital cost. Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSBayoTech





Energy Related Devices (ERD) developed BugBling™, an affordable new multi–scent personal insect repellent vapor delivery system that can produce long duration, affordable, effective and stylish repellency without skin contact. Using a vapor system that avoids exposing users to liquid skin contact while effectively keeping insects at bay for longer, the system is enclosed within a lightweight and stylish wristband. BugBling™ slap band is conveniently slapped on or off the wrist or ankles and can continuously deliver a steady effective insect repelling scent for 800 hours. Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSERDBugBling






CreativeC is a premium provider of custom High Performance Computing (HPC) power for simulation and visualization, facilitating science and engineering by computing faster. CreativeC’s products enable cost efficient, confidential, office based systems development using low power Hybrid HPC clusters. Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSCreativeC





Delicious Sip
An online luxury organic loose leaf tea company, Delicious Sip specializes in bringing the highest quality teas from the best growing regions around the world straight to your door. Delicious Sip recently developed a packaging innovation that will change the way the world experiences loose leaf tea. The patent-pending Loose-To-Go™ packets allow for a high quality loose leaf tea experience in a self-serve, portable, easy to use, disposable packet for the first time ever. Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSDeliciousSip




Little2 copylowresSilent Falcon
Silent Falcon produces the only long endurance, multi-payload, solar electric unmanned aircraft system (UAS) capable of being easily configured to meet the diverse missions of the most rapidly growing global UAS markets. It is simple to operate, easy to transport and can be custom configured with the latest sensors and communications systems – all at low acquisition and operating costs. Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSSilentFalcon




SolaranRx is an emerging growth company developing a new class of therapies and companion imaging agents to treat metastatic melanoma. SolaranRx precisely targets deadly metastatic melanoma tumors with a radiolabeled peptide, offering unique therapeutic potential with minimal side effects.  This technology demonstrates a highly specific binding to melanoma cells enabling physicians to identify patients for treatment through an imaging procedure, deliver targeted radiation to kill melanoma cells and visualize patient response.Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSSolaranRx



i-Rx_whiteVisionQuest i-Rx
VisionQuest has developed a device that integrates a low-cost retinal camera for imaging the retina along with software for automatic screening for diabetic retinopathy (DR). There are 27 million diabetics in the U.S., less than 50 percent of them receive their recommended annual DR screening evaluations due to lack of access to screening. This small, easy-to-use device can be placed in primary care clinics, pharmacies, and other non-specialty offices, thus providing greater access to retinal exams and real-time automatic diagnosis.Company information in PDF format: VisionQuestiRxDSS201515

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