For more than 20 years, hundreds of company presentations were made at the Deal Stream Summit (formerly known as the Equity Capital Symposium). Of these a remarkable 30 percent received funding.  Download the PDF to see our Honor Roll. (Funded companies are marked with an asterisk and set in boldface. Companies are based in Albuquerque unless otherwise indicated.)
Download PDF:  Honor Roll
American Lithium Energy American Lithium Energy (ALE) is a manufacturer of ultra-safe High Energy and High Power Lithium Ion batteries. An extremely safe battery that minimizes the risk of overcharging and internal shorting, it also has higher power density, can run more cycles, and is flexible, making it ideal for small form factor requirements.
Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSAmericanLithiumEnergy
BayoTech BayoTech™ will manufacture a new type of chemical reactor. This reactor will improve efficiency, reducing production cost and environmental impact for fertilizer production. The reactor can be manufactured and installed at significantly less capital cost.
Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSBayoTech
BugBling™ Energy Related Devices (ERD) developed BugBling™, an affordable new multi–scent personal insect repellent vapor delivery system that can produce long duration, affordable, effective and stylish repellency without skin contact. Using a vapor system that avoids exposing users to liquid skin contact while effectively keeping insects at bay for longer, the system is enclosed within a lightweight and stylish wristband. BugBling™ slap band is conveniently slapped on or off the wrist or ankles and can continuously deliver a steady effective insect repelling scent for 800 hours.
Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSERDBugBling
CreativeC CreativeC is a premium provider of custom High Performance Computing (HPC) power for simulation and visualization, facilitating science and engineering by computing faster. CreativeC’s products enable cost efficient, confidential, office based systems development using low power Hybrid HPC clusters.
Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSCreativeC
Delicious Sip An online luxury organic loose leaf tea company, Delicious Sip specializes in bringing the highest quality teas from the best growing regions around the world straight to your door. Delicious Sip recently developed a packaging innovation that will change the way the world experiences loose leaf tea. The patent-pending Loose-To-Go™ packets allow for a high quality loose leaf tea experience in a self-serve, portable, easy to use, disposable packet for the first time ever.
Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSDeliciousSip
Silent Falcon Silent Falcon produces the only long endurance, multi-payload, solar electric unmanned aircraft system (UAS) capable of being easily configured to meet the diverse missions of the most rapidly growing global UAS markets. It is simple to operate, easy to transport and can be custom configured with the latest sensors and communications systems – all at low acquisition and operating costs.
Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSSilentFalcon
SolaranRx SolaranRx is an emerging growth company developing a new class of therapies and companion imaging agents to treat metastatic melanoma. SolaranRx precisely targets deadly metastatic melanoma tumors with a radiolabeled peptide, offering unique therapeutic potential with minimal side effects. This technology demonstrates a highly specific binding to melanoma cells enabling physicians to identify patients for treatment through an imaging procedure, deliver targeted radiation to kill melanoma cells and visualize patient response.
Company information in PDF format: 2015DSSSolaranRx
VisionQuest i-Rx VisionQuest has developed a device that integrates a low-cost retinal camera for imaging the retina along with software for automatic screening for diabetic retinopathy (DR). There are 27 million diabetics in the U.S., less than 50 percent of them receive their recommended annual DR screening evaluations due to lack of access to screening. This small, easy-to-use device can be placed in primary care clinics, pharmacies, and other non-specialty offices, thus providing greater access to retinal exams and real-time automatic diagnosis.
Company information in PDF format: VisionQuestiRxDSS201515
APPCity Life The CityLife platform makes open data meaningful and useful for cities and the people that live there while delivering the ideal customer to local businesses. Using mobile and cloud platform, cities, developers and civic hackers publish mobile apps from open data monetized through licenses, sponsorships and mobile coupons, bringing a return on investment to cities and targeted mobile marketing for businesses.
Download this PDF for more company information
Cognitive Assessment Technologies Cognitive Assessment Technologies (CAT) is commercializing a patent pending mobile app for assessing mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), an injury that annually affects over four million individuals in the U.S. ConQuest™ combines objective neurocognitive and neurosensory tests to provide on-site, real-time identification of mTBI symptoms. ConQuest™ assesses mTBI with a self-contained, user-friendly application that allows athletic trainers, coaches, and medical professionals to effectively evaluate athletes on the sidelines.
Download this PDF for more company information
InnoBright InnoBright presents a disruptive animation rendering accelerator plug-in that improves rendering speed and filters noise generated from existing, commercial Monte Carlo method based rendering software to produce photorealistic images in a short time. InnoBright’s plug-in improves rendering time by more than 90 percent, a huge cost reduction and efficiency improvement for animation studios. Benefits include faster rendering, higher availability of rendering farm resources, CPU & GPU support, seamless integration into existing workflow and ease of use.
Download this PDF for more company information
Medici Medici Technologies is a medical device development company with deep expertise in data analytics, optical measurements and clinical testing. Medici’s solution uses existing optical hardware to measure an early indicator of diabetes. This indicator can be accessed by a simple optical measurement on the finger in less than 60 seconds. The measurement is noninvasive and does not require any user compliance such as fasting for 12 hours.
Download this PDF for more company information
RGBS Real Green Building Systems (RGBS) has developed and patented a fully integrated system of green technologies for building affordable, Net Zero, high performance, water reclaiming, carbon neutral, fire-protected homes and communities. The RGBS system addresses all of the sustainability challenges with an integrated system of exceptional energy on-site conservation, onsite renewables consisting of a solar thermal energy system to efficiently heat the building and the domestic water, a moisture barrier EPS thermal wrapping system reducing energy requirements, a plumbing based fire suppression module and a water reclamation system that reclaims over 50 percent of the plumbing water. The core system reduces the building cost by 15 percent and does not require development of usual infrastructure.
Download this PDF for more company information
Seed Worthy Bowtie, Seed Worthy’s feature product, is a full wrapper platform that allows developers to launch their creations out in the world in minutes. Front-end sites, email, user management, linked development environments, analytics, e-commerce–you name it! BowTie lets developers and creators do what they do best—make cool stuff. The BowTie fully integrated platform helps companies launch in minutes with all the features that turn an application into a business and start serving customers today.
Download this PDF for more company information
TransMix SafeLock TransMix Safe Lock (TMSL) is the last defense against costly fuel mix-ups. The device detects delivery of the wrong fuel, blocks the flow, thus minimizing the impact of an expensive cross-drop. The device is targeted at convenience stores, oil companies, petroleum marketers, and fuel transporters. The patented TransMix Safe Lock blocks the wrong fuel type from being delivered. The device is installed in underground storage tanks (UST) and the fuel flows through the device contacting a density sensing trigger mechanism. If a mix-up is detected the device activates and blocks the delivery of the wrong fuel.
Download this PDF for more company information
UbiQD UbiQD, LLC manufactures inexpensive, low-hazard quantum dots (QDs) and composites. The company intends to supply the rapidly growing demand for QDs, envisioning a future where non-toxic QDs are found in a wide spectrum of products. Materials currently available are too costly (retail prices >$1,000/g) and too hazardous (CdSe and InP are carcinogens) to support many prospective markets. UbiQD overcomes the limitations of existing QDs with novel methods for efficiently producing “I-III-VI” QDs (raw materials <$30/g) that are expected to be non-toxic due to their absence of heavy metals such as cadmium and lead.
Download this PDF for more company information
VeriTran VeriTran, Inc. is commercializing a patented Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), which allows variable pumping rates for optimizing production in oil field pump jacks. Installations to date validate production increases in the 20 percent range with even greater long-term benefits to come from reduced well maintenance. The VeriTran IVT allows the operator to easily select precise stroke rates up to the maximum safe rate of the pumping unit, thus eliminating the need for manual intervention. Desired optimum pumping rates can be pre-programmed into the unit, remotely managed via a SCADA system, or optimized via well parameter sensing.
Download this PDF for more company information
Zocere Zocere, Inc. is a New Mexico-based biotech company that is developing novel therapeutics for neurological diseases including stroke. The company has an exclusive license to U.S. and foreign patent pending technology for a neuroprotectant peptide from the University of New Mexico. Zocere’s drug is a cell-permeable, recombinant peptide that can cross the blood-brain barrier, is resistant to degradation, and reduces brain damage in an animal model.
Download this PDF for more company information  

Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC
Idaho Falls

Materials Innovation: A Breakthrough to Low-Cost Composites
From: Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC, Idaho Falls
What it is: The Direct Conversion Process™ is a one-step process to fabricate low-cost, high performance reinforcing fibers for use in metal and ceramic composites.
Potential for Commercialization: Now in startup mode, ACF’s emerging Direct Conversion Process fibers can increase composite mechanical strength to 10 times aluminum having higher specific strength to density yielding lower hardware unit cost. ACF’s materials will expand use of reinforced composites in the aerospace, transportation, industrial and recreational sectors while increasing the global commercialization of composites.
IP Status: Patents pending, licensing agreements pending, trademarks, trade secrets.
Size of Market: Worldwide: $80-100 billion
For More Information: John Garnier, 208-881-4746,

AeroComply, Inc.

Aviation Management and Compliance Systems in the Cloud
From: AeroComply, Inc., Albuquerque
What it is: Global aerospace and aviation regulations require every design, manufacturing, supply chain, flight and maintenance action to be in compliance. AeroComply is an enterprise SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution designed for the complex requirements of the aviation industry: regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, safety assurance, business management and data security. AeroComply combines the power and security of’s cloud technology with an enterprise-level integrated workflow, collaboration tools, life-cycle tracking, and an embedded regulatory compliance engine. No other enterprise product offers the complete aviation solution provided by AeroComply.
Size of Market: Worldwide (Aerospace/Aviation), $11 billion consisting of 7 million potential users.
IP status: Company protects its IP through trade secrets and copyrights.
For More Information: Brian Cook, 505-414-1411,

APPCityLife, Inc.

Engaging Communities For Good
From: APPCityLife, Inc., Albuquerque
What it is: APPCityLife brings gamification to civic services through a mobile and cloud platform developed for cities, which rewards people for participating in transit, museums, parks and everyday activities. It is a conduit for local businesses to offer passbook coupons and advertising.
Size of Market: IT spending will reach $172 billion by 2014 ($60 billion at the state and local level). The mobile coupon industry will reach $46 billion by 2015, up from $5.6 billion in 2011. Gamification to reach $2.8 billion in 2016, up from $100 million in 2001.
IP Status: International patent applications filed.
Accomplishments: Named Top 20 Hottest Startup by VentureBeat; 22 apps currently under contract; investment currently received: $60,000
For More Information: ­ Lisa Abeyta, 505-796-4015,

Aqua Research LLC

Saving Lives With Salt
From: Aqua Research LLC, Albuquerque
What it is: The hand-held H2gO purifier uses common salt to disinfect up to 300 liters of water with a single battery charge. It kills all classes of microorganisms and can be recharged via USB or the integrated solar panel.
Accomplishments: Building on sales of 230,000 of the first generation design, this second generation, user-friendly device has a fivefold capacity increase at a 55% lower price point. Outdoor retailers, international distributors, the military and NGOs have expressed significant interest.
IP status: Licensed technology, new patents pending.
Size of market: $40 million domestic retail and military with additional international, $90 million NGOs, $120 million developing nations.
For More Information: Rodney Herrington, 505-362-0575,

Cawels Engineering, LLC
Naperville, Ill

Electron Accelerator Provides Improved Treatment for Inoperable Tumors
From: Cawels Engineering, LLC., Naperville, Illinois
What it is: X-ray radiation therapy has improved cancer survival. However, x-ray therapy has significant limitations, such as radiation resistant and inoperable tumors. The company’s electron source delivers unprecedented radiation power to the inoperable tumors through a rigid catheter using minimally invasive surgery. The laparoscopic e-beam therapy system is a startup technology. Several of the major medical equipment companies have expressed interest once a prototype has been demonstrated. Radiation oncology centers are another market.
Size of Market: The radiation oncology market is over $4 billion annually.
IP Status: The laparoscopic e-beam therapy is patented by Argonne National Laboratory. Cawels Engineering has a license to the IP. Cawels Engineering also has two patent applications in process.
For More Information: John Noonan, 630-527-8663

Energy Related Devices, Inc
Tucumcari, N.M.

Tough Solar Power for Rural Water Pumping
From: Energy Related Devices, Inc., Tucumcari, N.M.
Opportunity: Ranchers need robust, dependable solar water pumping for cattle. The company’s Blacktip™ mount system delivers a 30% cost advantage over the competition, while adapting to existing well towers.
Markets: The company will initially target off-grid markets in rugged settings: U.S. ranching ($130 million, growing at 3% per annum). After durability of the system is proven, the company will expand into on-grid applications in U.S. hurricane zones ($800 million, growing at 35% per annum).
IP Status: U.S. utility patent application on strengthening mount; additional filings for international protection.
Accomplishments: The first 1.8 kW demonstration array began delivering power in 2013; the company has delivered estimates to six potential customers.
For More Information: Robert Hockaday,, 505-470-6094,


A New Look at Blood Cell Patterns
From: ImmunoShapes, Albuquerque
What it is: Blood cell measurements, such as those commonly performed in the doctor’s office, contain hidden sources of information. However, the way in which they are currently viewed does not reveal these important patterns that inform about health status. Through this new process, disease patterns are revealed that often go unnoticed.
Potential for Commercialization: The software under development has numerous applications, ranging from identifying hidden diseases and health status to determining who needs to be admitted or released from a hospital.
IP Status: Company has one provisional patent.
Size of Market: Worldwide, $2 billion
For More Information: Dr. Douglas J. Perkins, 412-378-2855

Learnado Inc

The Test is Learning While Doing It
From: Learnado Inc., Albuquerque
What It Is: Learnado Apps embed learning into the work processes that need to get done. Need to fill out a purchase order? No problem with a Learnado App. You can learn to fill out a purchase order just before you submit it—so, learning and doing go hand in hand.
Potential for Commercialization: Learnado Apps target all kinds of learning and doing—from a simple process like filling out a purchase order— to learning and applying concepts from a graduate course in accounting.
IP Status: Patent pending on the templates, workflows and application shell that provide the functionality, and the look and feel of Learnado Apps.
Size of Market: Small to mid-sized businesses in U.S., $1 billion
For More Information: Mark Salisbury, 505-681-6651,

Mustomo Incorporated
Los Alamos, N.M.

Delivering a Better Breast Imaging System
From: Mustomo Incorporated, Los Alamos, N.M.
Opportunity: Mustomo is commercializing an innovative imaging technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and based on more than 20 years research in advanced imaging techniques. The system has the potential to vastly impact breast cancer assessment and treatment, currently a $5 billion market. The patented design uses ultrasound and tomography techniques, overcoming traditional limitations with enhanced imaging of small objects producing objective, quantifiable and repeatable results. Development is supported by a $7.6 million Department of Defense grant awarded to LANL and a Venture Acceleration Fund grant.
Accomplishments: Delivery of the first system to the University of New Mexico Medical Center is expected in early 2013.
For More Information: Denis O’Connor, 973-222-8934.

A Transparent Search Engine for Search Engine Optimization
From:, Albuquerque
Business Opportunity: ProCog brings the power of a full-scale search engine into the world of Search Engine Optimization, providing desperately needed unique data for unparalleled SEO effectiveness.
Size of Market: The $3 billion SEO industry is growing above 15% CAGR.
IP Status: Through an exclusive license, ProCog’s transparent and customized search engine is based on a proven engine capable of 50+ billion pages with proprietary advanced SEO features.
Accomplishments: A beta version is available at Expanded features and special tools will be released in the coming weeks. For the first time, links, weights, and keyword term analysis can be done using a multibillion-page index on a completely transparent search engine.
For More information: Steve Cook (505) 239-1819,

Sentient Business Systems, Inc.

An Innovative Solution to DC Arc Fault Detection
From: Sentient Business Systems, Inc., Albuquerque
What It Is: SBSI’s patented fiber-optic DC arc fault detection system and call centers meet the market need for a solution to the 2011 National Electric Code article 690.11, requiring products to “detect and interrupt arcing faults resulting from a failure in the intended continuity of a conductor, connection, module, or other system component in source and output circuits” in solar arrays.
Potential for Commercialization: This fiber-optic monitoring technology can be applied in numerous other applications that require safety monitoring, including electrical systems on aircraft, automobiles, and conduits such as leaking natural gas, oil or chemical pipelines.
IPStatus: Company owns exclusive rights to four patents.
Size of Market: $32 million.
For More Information: Kenneth Blemel, 505-255-8611,

Shoreham, N.Y.

New PET Scanners—Enabling PET/MRI
From: SynchroPET , Shoreham, N.Y.
What it is: PET scanners are used on humans for a growing list of diagnoses like cancer detection, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This platform technology revolutionizes PET scanners for both human and small animal imaging. The company has miniaturized the scanners and made them more versatile and less expensive to manufacture.
Potential for Commercialization: The devices have unique competitive advantages that would be useful for researchers in academia and drug development as well as hospitals and clinicians.
IP Status: Exclusive license on three patents
Size of Market: Worldwide market is $25 billion.
For More Information: Marc Alessi,, 631-209-7096

Tractus Corporation
Danville, Calif.

Automated Ultrasound Screening for Women with Dense Breasts
From: Tractus Corporation, Danville, Calif.
What it is: Tractus is commercializing a proprietary low-cost hardware and software accessory for standard ultrasound systems to discover the 60,000 to 120,000 small treatable breast cancers missed in the U.S. each year by mammography in an estimated 15 million dense-breasted women. The company’s Breast Mapper uses proven and available hardware, combined with proprietary software analyses to perform low-cost, high throughput breast cancer screening. The system records, maps and stores the ultrasound images and analyzes whether regions were missed.
Accomplishments: The company has received FDA clearance for its first product.
IP Status: The company has four patent applications
Size of Market: The U.S. market is estimated at $750 million annually.
For More Information: Scott Huntley, 925-743-3837

VisionQuest Biomedical, LLC

Improving Diabetics’ Lives
From: VisionQuest Biomedical, LLC, Albuquerque
What is it: VisionQuest’s patented i-Rx services will ultimately prevent eye disease and amputations in diabetics by automatically identifying retinal disease and diabetic foot, pre-clinically and at a fraction of the time and cost of existing screening methods.
Opportunity: Over half of the 28 million diabetics nationwide fail to get recommended annual eye or foot exams. The business model will be attractive to medical practices, insurance companies, clinical laboratories and healthcare companies.
Accomplishments: The service is launched in New Mexico and Texas with more than 10,000 completed screenings. Eye screening software is in clinical trial and pre-IDE meeting is scheduled with the FDA. The company is in commercial pilots with two healthcare companies and a clinical laboratory, and is negotiating with two additional healthcare companies.
For More Information: 505.508.1994,


Asgard Enterprises, LLC

Multiple Cellular Services and Increased Mobile Coverage
What it is: Many people would like the convenience of a single cellular handset with multiple phone lines. The product offers this capability plus the ability to use the coverage areas of the different mobile service providers that are providing the multiple mobile service subscriptions.
Potential for commercialization: The market includes anyone who has multiple cell phones or would like multiple mobile phone lines on a single handset.
IP Status: U.S. non-provisional application pending. A PCT application has also been filed for international consideration of patent rights.
Size of Market: ~ $100 billion.
For more information: Bobby Middleton, 843- 425-1930.

Enerpulse, Inc.

A Boost For Your Ride
What it is: Bringing to market the first real breakthrough in auto- motive spark plug technology in over 120 years, Enerpulse’s patented PULSTARR Pulse Plug technology uses an integrated capacitor to intensify the ignition spark, substantially increasing engine performance and boosting fuel economy by an average of 6 percent.
Accomplishments: A through C-round financings have led to development, launch and adoption of the retail product, sold now in AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly’s and most internet stores, and a performance-ready product for the $7 billion OEM market.
Ask: Funding is sought to accelerate identified projects with OEMs, develop application specific Pulse Plugs and scale-up production. Company will present this unique opportunity to help solve the automakers’ increasingly difficult task of improving ICE fuel economy and tailpipe emissions at a compelling low cost.
For more information: Joseph Gonnella, CEO, 505-999-2000,

Food Sentry, LLC

Identifying Food Risks
What it is: Food Sentry finds problems with food, tells you about them in the store and commercial providers within the supply chain. The globally collected data (140+ countries) is robust and identifies numerous specific risks to consumers in the global food chain, updated daily. The information protects consumers from those risks.
Potential for commercialization: Consumer: Smartphone and tablet apps for in-store grocery decision-making. Web-based vertical information portal with deep data access, supporting food supply- chain decisions.
IP Status: Company owns one patent pending.
Size of market: USA only: $500 million annually, and growing. Worldwide potential is estimated to be a substantial multiple.
For more information: John Cousins, www., 505-363-7219

HT Microanalytical, Inc.

Small Is Big
What it is: A unique, patent protected, 3-dimensional technology platform to fabricate high-performance, miniaturized switches and relays for commercial and military electronics markets.
Accomplishments: Through angel and bootstrap financing and a strong advisory team, HT Micro’s industry-recognized management has worked closely with industry to prototype several high-value added products using a variety of metals and plastics to achieve superior performance. Those customers are now interested in transitioning to much higher volumes, creating the opportunity for HT Micro to move aggressively into the $800 million small signal and relay switch and fuze markets.
Ask: HT Micro is seeking investment to scale up manufacturing and design capacity.
For more information: Todd Christenson, founder and CEO, 505-341-0446

IX Power, LLC
Los Alamos, NM

A Machine to Clean Produced Water
What It Is: Power OrganiClear is a scalable, low-cost, component-based system for eliminating dangerous organic compounds from water produced in oil and gas production and other industrial processes, turning a liability (produced water) into an asset (water for drinking, irrigation and livestock) without increasing the waste stream.
Potential for Commercialization: The high cost to handle the 200 million gallons of produced water generated daily is curtailing oil and gas production. IX Power OrganiClear solves this problem, cleaning water in any environment.
IP Status: Patent license from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Size of Market: $17 billion worldwide.
For more information: John R. Grizz Deal, CEO, 505-661-1000,

OBI, Inc.

Safer and Higher Performance Biomedical Devices
What it is: A new generation of biomedical devices based on two advanced material technologies, ultrananocrystalline diamond coatings, and a series of particle (diamond and oxides/ polymer composites) that will provide longer life, safer and better performance than current biomedical devices. Dental implants are the initial focus of OBI, then expansion into all areas of healthcare implants.
Potential for commercialization: The market for implantable medical devices is rapidly expanding with the need to address a growing number of medical problems, including restoration of human body functions.
IP status: OBI negotiated exclusive cross-license of ANL patents on UNCD film technology with ANL and Advanced Diamond Technologies, a company founded by O. Auciello and a colleague from Argonne in 2003, and now commercializing the UNCD technology for industrial components and devices. OBI and ADT are discussing commercial collaboration. In addition, OBI will have exclusive license of a new patent on a new diamond/oxide nanoparticles/polymer matrix composite that will be exclusive.
Size of market: Dental implants alone are over a billion dollars.
For more information: Orlando Auceillo, Ph.D. (630) 252-1685, 9700 Cass Avenue, Bldg 212, Argonne, IL 60439-4838

Rival Theory, Inc.

Intelligence in the Cloud
What it is: After bringing to market the number one artificial intelligence solution for the Unity 3D video game engine, Rival is ready to launch Legion™, a marketplace platform for the creation, sharing and distribution of AI characters. The cloud- based solution supports community development, re-use and monetization of AI characters. Legion also supports consumer offerings of major entertainment providers through live deployment, thus overcoming shortcomings of competitive offerings while massively expanding market reach.
Size of market: The $90 billion global markets for video games, digital interactive media and smart toys create the opportunity for Rival Theory to move aggressively and capture key segments.
Ask: Rival Theory’s industry-experienced management team seeks investment for a 3-phase commercialization strategy.
For more information: William Klein, Ph.D., CEO, 505-450-8805

Teknikem, LLC
Clinton, SC

A Green Solution to Paint and Adhesive Removal
What it is: RonJohn, a compound created specifically to overcome increasing health and safety requirements in the coatings and adhesive industry imposed by federal agencies. The current standard for stripping, methylene chloride, is designated as a hazardous air pollutant, toxic waste and carcinogen. RonJohn will be the alternative for the industry.
Potential for Commercialization: RonJohn has a wide range of commercial applications in both conventional and green solvent markets for the government and private sectors with high potential for product line expansion into other uses beyond paint and adhesive removal.
IP Status: Teknikem has exclusive patent rights for the product from the DOE Y-12 Complex.
Size of Market: Over $15 billion by 2017. For more information: Scott Manley, 888-812-5001

TriLumina, Inc.

Revolutionary “Light Engines”
What it is: TriLumina’s new semiconductor lasers, known as “light engines,” are on target to revolutionize natural user interface (NUI) and LIDAR markets and wireless connectivity markets providing data rate speeds of 10Gbps. TriLumina rests squarely upon the convergence of billions of data-hungry devices and evolving gesture controlled platforms.
Potential for commercialization: The universe of NUI units, displays, tablets, peripherals, wireless and mobile internet devices are candidates for integration and initial design wins. HDMI, USB3.0 and Thunderbolt® ports provide an installed “Plug and Play” market.
IP Status: The company owns three patents and two international patents with additional applications in process.
Size of market: Annual worldwide markets include over $10 billion for NUI/LIDAR and shipments of a billion high-speed ports.
For more information: Gary Oppedahl, 505-977-4841

YXO, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

YXO has developed a proprietary structural material called Brockwell Structure that has the superior mass/strength ratio of fiber reinforced polymer and the bearing strength of metal. Brockwell Structure is based on technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory with origins in lightweight satellite design. The lightweight structure’s ability to handle the load and to sustain the stress non-catastrophically enables the materials to enter the structural frame market previously dominated by metal. The structural material absorbs energy, which makes it an ideal choice in applications when safety is the primary concern. When applying a Brockwell Structure frame to the automotive and aerospace industry, the weight reduction creates fuel/energy savings and lowers the operational cost. YXO is seeking funding to first engage the $500B aerospace and automotive industries by providing the structural frame solution that is lighter, safer and stronger.

Vista Therapeutics
Albuquerque, NM

Vista Therapeutics, Inc. is commercializing the world’s first nanowire-based biomarker and drug sensing device. Measurement of biomarkers and drug levels in bodily fluids is becoming a routine part of patient evaluation, drug development and employee monitoring. The current biomarker market is approximately $5.6 billion and is growing by 18 percent per year. Vista’s NanoBioSensor™ and NanoPharmaSensor™ technologies will change how biomarkers and drugs are measured and will permit for the first time continuous, real-time, multiplexed and label-free monitoring, not just occasional “snapshots,” the limiting factor for all other current biomarker and drug assessment technologies. Vista is seeking funding to ramp up its product fabrication processes and to build a core sales and marketing team to aggressively launch products.

Unosano, LLC
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Unosano is a secure health cloud for disease management company. Nearly 24 million people in the United States have type 1 or type 2 diabetes —7.8 percent of the population — with another 57 million people who are pre-diabetic. Our Mission is to transform the way diabetics manage all aspects of their disease to live a better life and reduce disease management cost. Unosano is developing a secure, cloud based platform that lets diabetic users easily consolidate, manage, and visualize all of their health, fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition information on a single integrated application accessible from any web enabled device based on patented and patent-pending technology. Unosano is seeking funding to build out the platform and market the product.

ThermoDynamic Films, LLC
Albuquerque, NM

Thermodynamic Films LLC (TDF) has developed proprietary FLOW-fin technology that can cool electronics at low cost and more efficiently than conventional passive or fan-based thermal management systems. The first market opportunity for FLOW fins is supplanting fan-fin units in computers. This market is compelling because FLOW fins can be “dropped in” to existing systems without requiring any other parts of the computer to be re-engineered and will lower costs while increasing performance. Subsequently, FLOW fins could revolutionize much larger markets, such as high-power LED lighting, where adequate thermal control has been a major obstacle to large-scale growth. TDF is seeking funding to manufacture fully functional FLOW fin prototypes that can be evaluated by computer manufactures for inclusion in their products.

SNT Ventures, LLC

SNT Ventures, LLC, is commercializing a patent- pending SuperCritical Water Extraction and Refining system for upgrading heavy oil, bitumen and oil shale at the production site. It promises to be a less expensive method than conventional refining to recover, upgrade, and separate high-value compounds. The result is substantially increased revenues for producers of heavy oil and bitumen: from between $60 – $70 per bbl for heavy oil to over $90 per bbl for the upgraded oil. There is a large market potential as global use of liquids and other petroleum is projected to grow from 86.1 million barrels per day in 2007 to over 103.9 million barrels per day in 2030. The company is seeking funding to initiate engineering and final development of a 300 bbl/day unit.

Albuquerque, NM

Silichem is an integrated manufacturer of ultrapure silicon wafers. By using the unique and patent-pending Channon process, Silichem is able to combine the work of three industrial plants into a lower-cost, lower-capital site, with zero carbon emissions (a first for the industry), saleable byproducts (gypsum and fluoride salts), and a sufficient supplier and resource base to grow to dominate the $10 billion silicon industry in a few short years. Silichem’s process consumes industrial waste products and produces highquality, drop-in replacement silicon wafers at near zero cost, creating the potential to significantly lower the cost of solar energy. If one leading competitor were to switch to Silichem’s protected process, it would save over $1 billion per year. Silichem is seeking funding to establish a pilot manufacturing facility that validates the process at an industrial scale.

SecureWaters, Inc.
Soddy Daisy, Tenn.

SecureWaters, Inc. was formed in 2010 to develop and commercialize patented technology from Oak Ridge National Lab that automatically detects and identifies toxins in surface water and alerts the user to the presence of contamination. The AquaSentinel device is a field-deployable unit that uses photosynthesis of algae to identify the toxin. The unit can be deployed in municipal water and wastewater facilities, industrial companies and the military/homeland security infrastructure. The global water test market is over $5 billion in revenues both domestically and internationally, and the competitive advantages offered include real-time detection and classification, cost savings over current methods and no reagents needed.

Sandia BioTech
Albuquerque, NM

Sandia Biotech, Inc. manufactures Split Green Fluorescent Protein (sGFP) products used in the analysis of proteins and peptides by the medical, drug development and industrial biotech communities. The sGFP products are based on technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and licensed to Sandia Biotech. They offer enormous advantages over competing technologies in their versatility, ease of use and cost savings to users. The technology streamlines and integrates conformational analysis, tracking and detection of proteins and peptides. The market for Sandia Biotech’s sGFP products and services exists in the immunoassays and related technologies in a $5 billion market growing by 10 percent annually. Sandia Biotech is seeking funding to expand its market penetration.

RLP Dosimetry
Albuquerque, NM

RLP Dosimetry produces the SEE-Rad radiation detector that meets the needs of the military and first responders to nuclear events, nuclear industry personnel, and nuclear medicine personnel. The See-Rad makes radiation exposure results available in the field (real time monitoring), which allows personnel to minimize their radiation doses. In contrast, today’s dosimeters have to be sent to an offsite laboratory for analysis. This process can take days to weeks to complete. In addition, the SEE-Rad detector meets the national security need to prevent illicit radioactive materials (dirty bombs) from entering U.S. seaports by monitoring gamma radiation from cargo containers. At $25 per detector the potential market for the SEE-Rad radiation detector is $400 million per year. Funding is sought to define the sensitivity and shelf life of the detector and to package the detector for sale.

Nitrocision, LLC
Idaho Falls, ID

Nitrocision eliminates the need for water in industrial cleaning and cutting solutions. Using liquid nitrogen, waste streams are virtually eliminated with a gas, that once used, evaporates harmlessly into the atmosphere. Scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory discovered that nitrogen, at extreme temperatures and pressure, created an environmentally friendly solution to a number of complex industrial needs. The technology has disarmed explosives, removed radiological contamination, removed contaminated coatings and cut a wide variety of materials. Infinitely adjustable, the technology creates unexpected precision and versatility in numerous applications. Nitrocision technologies are being used by forward thinking companies to solve several advanced, industrial needs with an environmentally friendly solution. Nitrocision is seeking funding to expand its sales and marketing teams, build its service division and value-engineer its equipment for other industrial applications.

Microsonic Systems, Inc.
San Jose, Calif.

Microsonic Systems’ proprietary Microprocessor for Life Sciences is a novel form of acoustic energy for use in life sciences. Cumulative revenue is $1.3 million. The Microprocessor can dramatically increase DNA sequencing throughput, and the technology can make nano-particles, and speed up automated liquid handling, DNA hybridization and lab-on-a-chip processes. Estimated TAM is approximately $3 billion. The Microprocessor is the only way to create powerful and controllable acoustic waves, and the miniature Microprocessor can be easily arrayed to meet increasing throughput requirements. The company has an exclusive license to the base patent, three additional patent applications and extensive know-how. Together, substantial and sustainable competitive advantages. Microsonic Systems’ Microprocessor has the potential to revolutionize life sciences and make personalized medicine a practical reality.

Feeding for Health, LLC
Santa Fe, NM

Feeding for Health LLC, is developing a clinically proven self-paced oral feeding system that will improve the health outcome of premature infants through facilitating safe and efficient oral feeding. With healthier infants hospital stays will be truncated, resulting in substantial decreases in the overwhelming healthcare costs associated with premature births. Although premature infants represent the primary target market the benefits of the oral feeding system will similarly lead to notable decreases in the healthcare costs of other patient populations (e.g., healthy newborns who have difficulty feeding by mouth). The infant oral feeding system will offer better health at lower cost. The company has commitments from six neonatal intensive care units internationally to support the product launch.

JSA Photonics, LLC
Corrales, NM

JSA Photonics, LLC has developed and manufactures a unique patented optical sensing technology with a wide range of applications across industrial, transportation, biomedical and process control markets. The sensor measures battery state of charge and other parameters enabling inexpensive, accurate monitoring of battery status providing a market differentiator. The initial market provides functional assurance for the 300,000 back-up power systems, 250,000 cell towers and 5 million electric vehicles that utilize the one billion battery cells in the worldwide $10 billion storage batteries market. In addition to OEM sensor sales, our software and interface control system will provide power, calibration and computer interface for remote monitoring of battery systems. The sensor is currently being evaluated by a number of national and international companies. The company is seeking $1,000,000 in financing to achieve its goals.

Gator Hydro-Incineration
Farmington, NM

Gator Hydro-Incineration (GHI) is a green alternative for the treatment and disposal of produced water on oil and gas well sites. The patent pending technology harvestsunused energy found on most all gas wells to incinerate the process water and scrub the on-site equipment combustion exhaust emissions. The technology removes the costly requirements of environmentally damaging water hauling trucks, separate treatment and disposal, and in addition, enables year round production. The company has worked with natural gas production companies proving the process, with units currently successfully treating the daily processed water. GHI seeks funding for operations, marketing and sales to reach the 186,000-plus coal bed methane wells. CEO & founder, Edward Stock, will present GHI’s solution for long standing environmental and economic challenges to the treatment of processed water.

EnviroLogic, Inc.
Cedar Crest, NM
EnviroLogic Inc. of Cedar Crest, New Mexico, is commercializing technology that will dramatically improve the efficiency of engineering and science simulations by replacing the current numeric solutions with a digitally controlled analog solution (DCAS). This proprietary technology will be initially offered as a web-based service for water management and water pollution, with follow-on applications in oil and gas production, aerospace engineering, global climate modeling, chemically reacting flows, radiation transport, heat-transfer calculations including solar energy, and product manufacturing design. EnviroLogic Inc is seeking funding to complete the interface between hardware based DCAS and current simulation software, finance printed circuit design, complete final testing and manufacturing, set up of the web server, and provide for early marketing.

Energy Related Devices, Inc.
Los Alamos, NM

Energy Related Devices, Inc., has developed a new modular integrated sheet metal heat sink and mirror system known as BlackTip™. It can reduce the temperature rise and increase the performance of crystalline and polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels from 15 to 60 percent. The commercial applications of this technology are to deliver mounted modules for utility-scale solar farms. The estimated size of this market is $1.3 billion in the western US. The compelling differentiation comes from the unique merger of heat sink and mount that synergistically improves the complete system cost performance. The company’s vision is to deliver solar electricity that is sustainable and cost competitive with fossil fueled systems.
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Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Los Alamos, NM

Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a privately held, cash-flow positive, biotech that markets patented, label-free XRpro® drug discovery equipment. XRpro® quantifies drug efficacy and side effects with a single measurement, at throughputs of one million drug compounds per month. XRpro® eliminates the currently used and expensive radioactive, antibody and chemical labels. This eliminates large quantities of environmental waste, and dramatically decreases reagent costs to produce an immediate return on investment. The technology significantly improves the chances of selecting successful drug compounds before human trials, while quantifiably saving Caldera’s research, clinical, and pharmaceutical customers $500,000 to $1,000,000 per month in reagent costs.

Avisa Pharma, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM

Avisa Pharma™ Inc., is developing a proprietary, point- of- care biomarker for the rapid monitoring of Pseudomonas aeruginosa , a life threatening lung infection in patients with cystic fibrosis, and patients on ventilators, which is the major cause of ventilator associated pneumonia. Early detection and therapeutic response assessment capabilities will revolutionize treatment of these diseases. The Avisa BreathTest™ can quickly, accurately, and easily monitor lung microbial burden and therapy response by P. aeruginosa. The Company estimates that the BreathTest market could exceed $1 billion. David S. Joseph, president and CEO will be presenting this exciting opportunity for improving healthcare.

5D Robotics
Idaho Falls, ID

5D Robotics develops software that makes robots more intelligent and helpful in a global market that now exceeds $17 billion. 5D Robotics will leverage the major opportunity that exists to consolidate component intellectual property and provide the software that makes these capabilities work together to accomplish missions for soldiers and then for consumers. Several development efforts funded by military programs through the Idaho National Laboratory are ready to be commercialized to assure that soldiers in the battlefield have robots that can safely find and neutralize improvised explosive devices (IEDs). 5D Robotics is seeking funding to expand its intellectual property and file patents for applications in public safety and medical markets.

Accent Alternatives, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

Accent Alternatives, Inc. is developing ATQ, a compound shown through scientific cell testing and population studies to prevent and even treat prostate cancer. Each year 192,000 men in the U.S. are diagnosed with prostate cancer and 27,000 die from it. ATQ will be introduced as an over-the-counter pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplement, targeted at the over 62 million men over age 45 in the U.S. Funding is sought to establish the appropriate corporate structure, to secure an exclusive license for the technology, to create a detailed marketing and distribution plan and to secure production of ATQ.

Aldis, Inc.
Oak Ridge, TN

Aldis is a sustainable energy company based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Aldis develops and is commercializing an advanced vision processing platform, GridSmart, which provides cost-efficient advanced infrastructure and congestion managements and security solutions. GridSmart is game-changing technology. The platform has a 50 percent cost advantage over other vehicular traffic management solutions in the market, provides unmatched functionality, a recurring revenue stream to the Company and has already been leveraged into five products (three on the market and two in late-stage development.) The Company is seeking funding to further leverage the GridSmart platform in product development and in completing implementation of a world-wide distributionstrategy.

Applied Messaging, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

“No-shows” cost the average medical practice over $250,000 per year in revenue. The nearly one million doctors, hospitals, and home-care service providers in the U.S. are looking for ways to confirm appointments, reduce no-show rates, and increase profitability without dramatically increasing their overhead. CallSpider™, from Applied Messaging, Inc., is a patent pending VoIP Broadcast Messaging System that helps clients deliver targeted messages to staff, customers, or other associates, reducing the number of no-shows and the impact they have on the practice. AMI is an Albuquerque-based company founded by veterans of the telecom industry who have navigated venture-backed companies to successful exits. They are seeking funding to expand markets for their currently shipping products.

Berken Energy, LLC
Roswell, NM

Berken Energy, LLC will become a leading clean power provider through the use of its Geo-Thermovoltaic Systems that convert the earth’s heat into a reliable, non-interrupted source of electricity. With the deployment of its Reclaimed Thermo-Voltaic Systems, the company will enable waste heat recovery in energy intensive industries, including refineries and data centers. Berken’s disruptive technology provides an unparalleled benchmark for cost per watt and output per square foot efficiency and will enable the company to capture a significant share of the $112 billion per year U.S. electricity market. The company’s products will reduce dependency on conventional electricity-producing technologies, such as coal and natural gas, and will complement them with ongrid, zero-carbon power generation.

Brivea, LLC
Albuquerque, NM

Brivea is a provider of a cost-analysis process and technology that measures and improves the financial effectiveness of IT in a business, using its patent pending BriveaScore ™ technology. The company’s process analyzes their client’s current IT spending, and quickly identifies immediate savings opportunities and specific remedies. Under a unique profit share pricing structure, Brivea subject matter experts provide insight, research and project management to help the client promptly achieve costs savings. Brivea’s management team comprises seasoned executives from the IT arena with varied experience in operation, cost reduction, human resources, sales and marketing. Brivea seeks capital to enhance the BriveaScore technology and the Brivea Knowledge Base.

EarPOD, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

EarPOD provides affordable, high-performance hearing assistance for a population that has age related hearing loss. The target market of 45 to 65 year-olds is projected to be 12.7 million individuals. While hearing aids are available, they are expensive, they are limited in correctable frequency ranges, and they are difficult to adjust for volume. The EarPOD’s design combines patent-pending technology with micro-speaker earbuds providing frequency-dependent amplification that returns the user to normal hearing levels. EarPOD’s affordability ($300.00), wide range of sound frequency reception (up to 10,000Hz), and ease of use, provides an excellent MP3 player-like container system that capitalizes on the world’s mainstream acceptance of visibly worn earbuds. The EarPOD prototype is fully developed and tested. EarPOD is seeking funding to complete case restyling, attain a volume manufacturing capability, and launch its marketing and sales initiatives.

Eco Products Group, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM

Eco Products Group (EPG) designs, manufactures, and sells proprietary, retrofitable water conservation products for residential, commercial and institutional applications. The EPG product line empowers consumers to conserve 50 to 70 percent of the water that normally flows down a sink into the sewer system untouched and unused. The corporation holds 10 patents and patents pending, including a proprietary water faucet cylinder valve that represents the first technical innovation in faucet valve design since the ball valve introduced by Delta faucet 50 years ago. The U.S. market includes 105 million households. EPG’s initial market targets 25 million households in the Southwest. The corporation seeks investment to launch the Ecofaucet™ and execute its business plan.
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Hyperion Power Generation, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM

Hyperion Power Generation, Inc. is commercializing a small modular nuclear reactor designed by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists. The reactor, known as the Hyperion Power Module (HPM), fills a previously unmet need for a transportable power source that is safe, clean, sustainable, and cost-efficient. The HPM combines the benefits of nuclear power–efficiency, reliability, low cost, no carbon emissions–with design features providing safety and security. Given its small size, the module is ideal for locations requiring low-cost, safe, secure, independent baseload power requiring about 25 MW of power. The company is initially focusing on three target markets: military installations, mining and industry, and remote communities. Hyperion can reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent for customers in these segments, which combined represent a $760 billion direct addressable market opportunity.

Intrepid Robotics, Inc.
Idaho Falls, ID

INTREPID Robotics has patents pending with the U.S. PTO and internationally with the PCT for “in-service” and “explosion-proof” robotic inspection of above-ground petrochemical storage tanks and marine vessels. The Idaho National Lab originally developed and tested the Floor robot. The company has also developed an explosion-proof seal robot that can inspect seals of floating roof tanks as well as “profile” tanks to determine maintenance schedules. Robotic inspection saves up to 80 percent compared with “out-of-service” inspections, is environmentally friendly since the tank is not vented or emptied, and is safer since there is no “hazardous entry.” INTREPID estimates the annual worldwide robotic tank inspection market at upwards of $4 billion. INTREPID seeks funding to build the first two sets of Floor and Seal models and has commitments to perform inspections at several of the major oil and gas companies.

Liquid Common
Albuquerque, NM

Liquid Common has developed a comprehensive online platform for B2C and B2B services for the food, drink and entertainment industries. Exclusive partnering with Sysco leverages their more than 9,000 sales representatives servicing more than 400,000 businesses across North America to garner establishment engagement–the missing critical link in existing dining oriented web-sites. The basic account offers a free set of entry-level, online business tools, while using Sysco’s and other partners’ sales forces to convert to premium accounts generating monthly service and transaction fees. Funding is sought for continued product development and market expansion.

Microtection, LLC
Albuquerque, NM

Microtection LLC, was organized in 2009 in Albuquerque NM., for the purpose of commercializing explosives detection technology developed by Sandia National Labs. Immediate plans call for the company to manufacture and sell the existing patented product, the MicroHound™, a hand-held, non-invasive explosives detector, to the homeland security market. The company will leverage the core technology and expand the product line to include detection of narcotics, chemical warfare agents, and other toxic gases. Targeted applications include airport screening, cargo and container screening, ports of entry, passive building monitoring, prisons, first responders, and stand-off, or remote, detection. Microtection seeks funding to secure additional intellectual property, cover manufacturing and customer acquisition.

OnQueue Technologies, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

The Mobile Promotions Network (MPN) powered by OnQueue Technologies’ Appliciti platform dynamically delivers interactive promotions and custom applications to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices. This unique, patentable technology delivers a highly desirable, upscale audience by offering highly targeted one-stop marketing and promotions, supported by detailed analytics, dynamic reconfiguration of content and data collection, for brands within the rapidly growing mobile social networking environment, estimated by Gartner to be a $12 billion industry by 2013. The MPN user base is expected to grow rapidly into the millions by leveraging the viral nature of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Investment is sought to grow and commercialize the MPN network and further develop the Appliciti platform for Android and other smart phones globally.

Prodentity, LLC
Albuquerque, NM

Prodentity LLC provides a software solution for access identity and information security. The patent-pending technology, Digital Network Authorization (DNA), communicates throughout an enterprise. DNA technology integrates with existing identity management and security solutions, extending their use as part of a complete strategy for identity governance. The identity management segment of the global IT market alone is expected to grow at an annual rate of 22 percent, reaching almost $13 billion by 2014. Prodentity’s unique technology is attractive to both large and small partners.

StableBody Technologies, LLC
Middleton, WI

StableBody Technologies, LLC has been formed to commercialize an important new service in antibody research, development and manufacturing. This service will impact the biomedical and pharmacological sectors, which are currently multi-billion dollar markets. SBL has optimized a method that works universally to improve recombinant antibody stability as a formulation tool for biomedical research, and as a manufacturing procedure for recombinant antibody products. Optimizing antibody structure and design accelerates the development process, enhances the product efficacy, facilitates manufacturing, and improves the product’s use and application abilities. This optimization produces major cost savings while greatly expanding revenue opportunities for a candidate product. StableBody Technologies will provide this service through contractual service agreements or licensing agreements to companies and academic institutions that are involved in the research, development and manufacturing of protein agents.

ThermalCentric Corporation
Seattle, WA

ThermalCentric was organized in 2006 to design and manufacture heat exchangers for waste heat recovery in highly corrosive waste streams. Waste heat represents over $1 trillion dollars in waste energy per year in the U.S. alone. Our carbon-based technology represents the only cost effective method for energy recapture in these difficult, albeit pervasive, environments, resulting in lower energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions. An independent commercialization study projects Year 5 sales of $250 million based on the U.S. alone. Key target industries are fossil fuel-based energy producers, chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, metal manufacturing, and plastics. Currently, we are working with Detroit Edison and Dow Chemical for pilot studies.

Veezyon Corporation
Santa Fe, NM

In 2008, associations in the U.S. spent $6.2 billion in educating their members with many redirecting their budgets toward cutting-edge learning technology solutions such as social networking and digital media distribution. Veezyon is a social learning platform that disseminates knowledge-based rich media content aggregated from University and Association partners. Optimized for post secondary students and members of partner associations, which provide continued education services, Veezyon offers its service to everyone seeking credible knowledge based content and knowledge discovery tools.

VisionQuest Biomedical, LLC
Albuquerque, NM

VisionQuest Biomedical has developed automated screening technology for the detection of disease in retinal images. Currently, the number of individuals in the U.S. and globally who are at risk for vision loss due to factors such as diabetes and aging is larger than can be screened and referred for treatment. VisionQuest’s patented software-based screening system increases throughput and drives down diagnostic costs, thus opening up opportunities at family care physician practices in regions of high prevalence of diabetes. Family care physicians will see an annual revenue increase of $25,000 per clinic with little or no impact on current clinic operations. A forecasted 8-10 percent regional market share for VisionQuest will result in revenues of $42 million by year five.

Oak Brook, IL

Adica has exclusive world-wide distribution rights for an analytical tool that assists the electrical industry and government regulators in assessing short-term operations and long-term investment decisions. Existing sales validate the tool’s effectiveness in evaluating the changing physical, economic and regulatory environments. Adica seeks funding to fully establish its team and ramp up sales.

Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM

Bluenergy Solarwind (BSW), Inc. has patented the Solarwind™ Turbine, which integrates solar and wind energy into a single device that generates electricity in an architecturally attractive design. Incorporating management controls, a weather station, and monitoring services, initial targets are U.S. commercial businesses and real estate developers focused on reducing energy costs and greenhouse emissions. Follow-on renewable energy products will position BSW to capitalize on the more than $80 billion global market. Funding is sought to complete commercialization, field-testing and market launch.

Erin Adams Design, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

Erin Adams Design is the leading innovative designer of custom glass mosaic products for highend commercial and residential interiors, a $980 million market. With three design patent applications pending, a trademark pending, ten copyrights and strong distribution partners, Erin Adams Design seeks funding to enter the cast glass tile and terrazzo tile market, an industry that sells 3 billion square feet of tile each year. Investor exit from the opportunity is anticipated through an acquisition by a global leader in commercial and home interiors.

Fluonic, Inc.
Boulder, CO

Fluonic is an early-stage medical device company that is creating a disposable flow sensor for use in medical infusion systems. The patented Sandia National Laboratories-based technology addresses drug event problems estimated by The Institute of Medice to be $6 Billion. The company is initially seeking $1.6 Million to complete customer specific technology demonstration.

Good Earth Bio-Solutions, L.L.C.
Idaho Falls, ID

Good Earth Bio-Solutions, is an environmental green-friendly company that utilizes a successful and proven science to quickly turn organic municipal solid waste into nutrient rich compost. Good Earth’s technology is designed to meet the growing need to divert landfill waste-streams, a $12 billion a year market with an average annual growth rate of 7 percent. Funding is sought to build ten Resource Recovery Sites over the next five years.

H2S Technologies
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

H2S Technologies has improved upon, and is commercializing technology originally developed at Argonne National Laboratory that will eliminate or substantially reduce sulfur emissions and increase natural gas production. Industry players have expressed considerable interest in exploring the use of the technology in their operations. H2S seeks funding to build the first production facility.

Infinica, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

Infinica’s patent-pending EnerPak™ combines energy-harvesting, energy-storage and powermanagement technology to convert energy from ambient light, heat, and vibration into electrical energy to provide endless power for networks of wireless sensors. EnerPakTM has been successfully tested by a utility company, and shown to reduce the cost of ownership of sensor systems in a broad range of environmental conditions. Infinica was launched with a seed round of funding and now seeks further equity investment to meet the growing wireless sensor opportunity, projected to be 42 million units in 2013.

InLight Solutions
Albuquerque, NM

InLight Solutions is developing a convenient, non-invasive blood glucose measurement device designed to eliminate the painful needle pricks experienced by diabetics. InLight’s patented solution will remove the primary barrier to diabetes management, an $8 billion market with a compounded annual growth rate of 9.8 percent. Funding is sought to expand the management team and to complete product feasibility and technical documentation.

Suyra Skincare
Los Alamos, NM

Lead by four recent Anderson School MBA graduates, Suyra Skincare has developed an optically-transparent sunscreen that gives complete protection against cancer causing UVA and UVB radiation. Based on patent-pending nanotechnology from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the spa-quality suncare product promises to become a disruptive force in the $1.1 billion sunscreen industry.

Track Metrix
Rigby, ID

Track Metrix equipment and software provides reliable, efficient, affordable, continuous, and real-time tracking and monitoring of very large numbers of objects anywhere in the world. By combining Track Metrix technologies with off-the-shelf RFID and Sensor components, in conjunction with power miser electronics, we have overcome the power, communication, function and bandwidth limitations of existing systems.

TruTouch Technologies
Albuquerque, NM

TruTouch Technologies has commercialized a convenient, non-invasive alcohol measurement device, validated with sales into criminal justice markets. The patented technology negates the need for obtaining and processing blood, breath or urine samples. TruTouch is now seeking funding to develop and launch the second generation product, targeting the $500 billion transportation safety market and directly related industrial and commercial vehicle applications. The TruTouch solution will be a significant contributor to tackling the drunk driving problem.

Placitas, NM

A company established to produce wind energy conversion systems based on vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) technology for distributed electric power generation and microgrids to be used by industrial parks, farms and small rural communities.

Vital Alert Communication Inc.
Albuquerque, NM

Vital Alert is the exclusive licensee of patented through-the-earth communications technology developed by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Targeted applications include mission critical communication systems for security, rescue, early-warning and survivability, a large market experiencing double digit growth. Several large industry players have already expressed early interest. Vital Alert is seeking equity capital to complete product commercialization and ramp up sales.

Mojave, CA

XCOR develops, builds, tests and sells reusable rocket-powered vehicles, rocket propulsion systems and rocket engines to serve the markets for suborbital and low-Earth orbit (LEO) space flight and satellite launch.