Intellectual Property Basics, a TVC® Service

Technology Ventures Corporation offers free intellectual property training.  The instructor is Bruce M. Winchell, a registered Patent Attorney in the U.S., Registered Patent Agent in Canada, and Certified Licensing Professional with more than 30 years of experience. Bruce is a Sandia National Laboratories Senior Attorney assigned to TVC under the Sandia National Laboratories contract.

Intellectual property seminar topics

Every business entity has intellectual property (IP). TVC® services will teach you about:

• Protection of IP
• Patents
• Trademarks
• Copyrights
• Trade secrets
• Filing for foreign protection
• Provisional patents
• Claiming patent pending
• Filing registration applications
• Proprietary information
• Licensing deals

 Attract Investors with and IP Strategy in Your Business Plan

Technology Ventures Corporation has long-standing relationships with investors nationwide. Learn how to build a strategy that will give you the best opportunity to attract investors.  Also, learn how to time your investments in intellectual property to maximize your ROI to you and your investors.

Write Your Own Patent Applications

TVC® services will teach you how to write and file your own patent applications, or how to be more effective in helping the patent professional who is writing it.

Find Patent Professionals

TVC® services will teach you how to best employ patent attorneys and patent agents to complete your protection and to achieve the best ROI on your efforts and your money.


For more information, call: Sharon Rollins, 505.843.4279

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