Gotta plan? We want to see it!

To date, three in ten of the presenting companies that have been a part of the TVC process have received funding. Increase your probability for success and engage with us now. Your presentation of your company’s investment opportunity will give you extraordinary national exposure to regional VCs and strategic partners. Technology-based business opportunities that demonstrate outstanding potential for commercialization, innovation and investment will be highlighted.

What We Need from You

To be considered, U.S. technology-based companies should submit a non-proprietary business plan, executive summary and/or pitch deck to Technology Ventures with the following criteria:

■ Market opportunity

■ Merit of the business proposition, path to market and competitive advantage

■ Stage of product development and milestones

■ Intellectual property, protection and strategy

■ Sales & financial forecast

■ Qualifications of the management team

■ Investment “ask” and exit strategy

Preference is given to any technology source developed by or with: a U.S. government research facility (e.g., SNL, AFRL, LANL, etc.)

Interested companies should contact TVC project managers now for assistance with their business plan development and Summit application. Templates and assistance are available for free.  For more information, contact Sharon Rollins, 505.843.4279, Andrew Salazar, 505.843.4252, or visit the contact page.  Submit your non-proprietary PDF business plan, executive summary and/or pitch deck here by June 27, 2016



Don't Know How to Write a Business Plan?

Check out our blog series. Or, come on in and see a project manager, we can help!

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