TechWhiteboard is a free online resource that helps entrepreneurs, companies and innovators find exciting technologies available for licensing.  The site’s primary goal is to encourage and foster tech transfer and commercialization by enabling communication between all levels of business and technology. TechWhiteboard is free to use and is based on open-source software and designed to be a complete IP exchange. For information on additional technologies, please visit the site at

TechWhiteboard is sponsored by Technology Ventures Corporation.  The mission of TVC is to help startup companies that are developing technology from the national laboratories. Additionally, TVC looks to research universities for commercialization opportunities. The goal is to increase employment opportunities and wealth in the technology industry. There are two groups that benefit from TVC’s efforts—entrepreneurs and investors. TVC helps entrepreneurs strengthen their business case and prepare to raise funding from equity investors. In doing so, TVC creates value for investors as well, and is considered by many investors as a high-quality source of deal flow. helps entrepreneurs find exciting technology and licensing opportunities by making the information easily available. There, you can search or browse for any of the technologies that interest you and your company.