What We Do

TVC is a mainstay of entrepreneurial support.  TVC’s efforts with technology development institutions and investors create opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The primary vehicle for showcasing both seed and early stage companies is TVC’s Deal Stream Summit. To date, 30 percent of the presenting companies have received funding—a noteworthy achievement and an unmatched success rate.

TVC clients do not pay any fees (or equity compensation) for assistance.


How do I become a TVC client?
The process starts with you asking for help. Submit to us an overview of your technology-based venture. We will contact you to have an initial conversation and/or invite you to our office for a meeting.
What happens after I contact you?
During the “request” phase, we will evaluate your venture using typical investor criteria—management team, intellectual property, market size, competition, stage of development, etc. We will also give considerable weight to whether you are commercializing technology from a national lab or university. If there is a fit, we’ll invite you to become a client and help to define the milestones you are driving toward. TVC clients do not pay any fees or equity compensation for TVC services.
What does TVC do for clients?
Our service offering for clients varies by the needs of each client. Our goal is to advance you to a particular milestone, most typically a funding event. With that in mind, we’ll ensure that you’ve locked down the fundamentals.
My business plan is confidential. Will TVC sign a non-disclosure agreement?
As best practices, TVC does not accept any confidential or proprietary information nor do we sign non-disclosure agreements. You can either remove the confidential information from your plan or sign a waiver agreeing that the materials you send us are all non-proprietary or non-confidential in nature and can be considered as such by TVC.
Technology Ventures is a non-profit and doesn't charge for any of its services? How does that work?
Technology Ventures Corporation was formed in 1993 as a non-profit foundation – 501(c)(3) - by Lockheed Martin Corporation to facilitate the technology commercialization of intellectual property invented at Sandia National Laboratories and other research entities in New Mexico. As such, Lockheed provides a grant to fund the majority of operational costs associated with TVC. Additionally, TVC has applied for and received grants from various federal agencies for activities by TVC for related mission work in economic development and tech commercialization. To maintain our objectivity and independence, we don't charge fees, take equity positions nor accept any payment for services offered to our entrepreneurial clients.
Please complete the form at the Submit a Business Plan page in order to submit your proposal to Technology Ventures Corporation. We will notify you within 10 business days if we are going to invite you through our prescreen process. Please do not submit proprietary information or any documents marked "confidential."

TVC® is a registered trademark of Technology Ventures Corporation