How To Make Money As A Pornstar On Snapchat


You don’t have to be megastar to make money in the porn industry anymore. It’s believed that even the mid-level amateur pornstars are able to make significant cash by selling their content through social media – and Snapchat in particular – as opposed to the tried-and-tested website subscription model of days gone by.

Subscription numbers are falling, while pornstars’ social media followers are increasing. This isn’t a coincidence. It tells us that consumers of pornography much prefer the interconnectivity which sites like Snapchat offer, allowing for a more customized experience for both the fans and pornstars.

So, if you’re looking to make money as a pornstar on Snapchat, here are three points to keep in mind:

Personalized content

In contrast to the subscription model employed by the majority of pornstars and porn sites over the past twenty years, the advent of social media has allowed stars to cater to their individual fans in a more personalized manner. And Snapchat is the ideal platform for personalized content to thrive.

By connecting with individual fans though Snapchat, pornstars are now able to offer direct personalized content based on their fans’ requests, which the stars will then sell for a sum less than what a subscription is worth. The SnapCash feature built into Snapchat allows for simple payment transactions without the need for an outside platform like PayPal, and SnapCash is able to transfer the money to your account right away.

Even the big-name stars out there have jumped on the trend, including Lexi Belle, Jayden James and Christy Mack. Such content is usually shared for anywhere between $1 and $10 depending on the specificity of the request and whether it’s a picture, video or other.

Fan-only access

One of the reasons which Snapchat has become a haven for pornstars is because it allows them creative freedom. In professional porn, most stars are told what to wear, how to act and what to say. However, when the only camera pointed at them is their own cell phone, pornstars are more likely to open up and show a side of themselves which professional porn is unable to capture.

Similar to the subscription model of most porn sites, fan-only access is a feature of Snapchat which users must pay for in order to access exclusive content. Behind this paywall is usually a combination of the star’s everyday activities, allowing a glimpse into their personal lives, in addition to more illicit content which is unable to be found on the star’s official site.

Content teasing

A popular marketing method used by most Snapchat pornstars is having one account to promote content, and another account which is exclusively for paid members.

With your free Snapchat account, you would simply post pictures with no nudity, but are still risqué enough to attract a good amount of attention. This would then serve as teasers for the kind of content lying behind your exclusive account’s paywall.

Additionally, a free Snapchat account will allow you a much bigger audience reach, especially if it’s intertwined with your other social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. Think of your free account as being a mobile billboard, while your exclusive account is the product itself. Want to learn more?  Check out the video below.


3 Things You Must Have to Get Your Tech Venture Funded by VCs

3.) Demonstrate Market Traction and Develop The Perfect Team.

In such an aggressive financial state where only 2.5% of angel-funded businesses move on to raise venture capital, it’s crucial that a startup can show awareness and related in their market. Early-stage VCs want to witness a considerable market that has enough potential before writing they go write out a check, and startup businesses can reflect this through a pilot or beta consumers. More principally, startup companies should reflect the strategy to change that pilot into a paying customer. Nina Nashif, founder and CEO of Healthbox, claims that showing market traffic is crucial, and startup businesses should be able to copy the routine of turning a pilot into a paying customer over and over again. The greater the number and the quality of early customers displays the startup has the ability to grow past the initial interest from early adopters. In terms of teams, many believe that acquiring the right team is the most important key in gaining venture capital funding. Startups barely ever have the perfect item and market it right away, and they will probably need to veer based on customer wants and needs, competitive aspects and industry transformation.

2.) Develop a Compelling Value Proposition

Venture capitalists are very sophisticated in the startup field so you need to be able to prove to them why your business is different and more unique than each of your competitors. Proving to the VCs that you have potential value proposition that is incredibly important, and is often missed by first-time entrepreneurs. Another important factor of creating a value proposition is scalability. Are there enough people into this idea to scan the company? Even if you have a really awesome, intriguing concept, it’s not fundable if it can’t soar across the world. What market are you looking to go after, and how big is that market? Investors need to understand that the market option is flexible, and that your company can create meaningful traction but only at a particular scale. So, in the end, what you should be taking away from is that if your company is a product, prove that people and their  companies are willing to pay for the product and have a need that is not yet met that your product could definitely fill. If your company is a marketplace, be ready to show traffic on both sides of supply and demand.

1.) Have a Unique Idea With High Barriers to Entry

  In order for venture capitalists to analyze the huge risk that they are about to  take with your business, you need to offer them a fresh and relieving business venture that vows to fill that open space  in the marketplace. Anyone can sell anything online, but there are certain items that have yet to be created — just like the car battery that goes on forever and to infinity, or inventive, reachable and cheaper sources of energy, these are the kind of concepts that venture capitalists would seriously drool over — they are always inspired by the next big thing like anyone else would be.

Watch the video below on how to get your startup funded!